Oct 13, 2011

Oral Health Guidelines Updated for Pregnant Women

Posted in Dentists, General Dentistry on 13/Oct/2011

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAP) has announced new oral health guidelines for expectant mothers. This is in response to compelling research that shows mothers with gum disease have a higher instance of preterm birth, a potentially serious pregnancy complication that may cause health concerns for their infant, typically due to a low birth weight.

Nearly half of all pregnant women will develop pregnancy gingivitis. Fortunately this condition often clears up on its own after the birth of the child. Sometimes it will progress into more serious periodontitus, an advanced and irreversible form of gum disease that has been linked with preterm birth. Pregnant mothers with periodontal disease are seven times more likely to go into preterm labor. Directly responsible is prostaglandin, a chemical found in oral bacteria, may induce labor. Coincidentally, high levels of prostaglandin has been found in the mouths of women with severe cases of periodontal disease.

Here are the new pregnancy guidelines for oral health:

Oral Health Education – Counseling and early intervention by healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, and dentists to provide expectant mothers with the tools and resources necessary to understand the importance of oral health care during pregnancy.

Oral Hygiene – Removing the bacterial plaque, which researchers have connected to preterm birth and low birth-weight babies, is essential. Using the correct brushing and flossing methods greatly increase the amount of plaque that is removed from the teeth and gums.

Fluoride – The American Dental Association recommends the use of toothpaste with fluoride by persons over the age of six. Echoing their sentiment, the AAP oral health guidelines advise the continued use of fluoridated toothpaste during pregnancy, and recommends the use of an over-the-counter alcohol-free fluoride rinse to help reduce the amount of plaque in the mouth.

Nutrition – Educating expectant mothers about proper diet and nutrition during pregnancy will limit unnecessary sugar intake and in turn, prevent plaque build up.

Treating Existing Tooth Decay – Expectant mothers are encouraged to have existing tooth decay treated during their pregnancy, which experts believe is a completely safe practice during pregnancy. Restoring decayed teeth will help achieve oral health by removing the bacteria associated with tooth decay.

Transmission of Bacteria – Expectant mothers are discouraged from sharing food and utensils in order to prevent the transmission of the bacteria known to cause tooth decay.

Use of Xylitol Gum – Expectant mothers are encouraged to chew xylitol gum (four times a day) as research suggests that chewing this gum may decrease the rate of tooth decay in children.

If you’re pregnant or considering starting a family, talk to your dentist and get a head start on having the healthiest, easiest pregnancy possible.


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